Board of Directors

Sarah Possenti

President - Sarah Possenti

Erin Crofchick

Immediate Past President - Erin Crofchick

Christy Brenner

President Elect - Christy Brenner


Tina Durbano

VP of Membership - Tina Durbano

Jessica Claar

VP of Communications - Jessica Claar 

Chelsea Schnell

VP of Education and Programs - Chelsea Schnell


Allison Graul

Director, Membership - Allison Graul

Tara Justice

Director, Membership - Tara Justice
Mario Oliveto

Director, Communications - Mario Oliveto


Michael Barreto

Director, Sponsorhip - Michael Barreto

Samantha Serenkin

Director, Programs & Education -
Samantha Serenkin

Hannah Smith

Director, Programs & Education -
Hannah Smith


Bob Graves
Director, Honorary Board Member - Bob Graves